Corrosion & Ozone Resistant (CRV)
Compact Vacuum Valves

photo - Corrosion and Ozone Resistant Compact Vacuum Valves

Corrosion and Ozone Resistant Valves employ patented technology to completely seal off the valve bellows while in the open processing position. (read more)

  • Keeps reactive and corrosive gases from contacting the bellows surface when the valve is open
  • Compact, low profile design
  • High flow inlet and outlet ports
  • Utilizes air to open and spring to close for safety
  • Angle and Inline body styles
  • Heatable to 185°C
  • 1.5 and 2.0 inch port sizes
  • NW40 and NW50 fittings
  • Multiple seal options

Corrosion and Ozone Resistant Valves provide long life in extremely harsh semiconductor and solar CVD and Etch processes by limiting bellows exposure to corrosive or reactive gases.
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