Single-Stage, Unheated, Vacuum Isolation Valves

photo - Single-Stage, Unheated, Vacuum Isolation Valve

MKS single stage, bellows-sealed poppet valves range in port size from NW16 to NW160 (3/4 to 6 inches). It includes Standard, Low Profile or Metal-sealed styles in angle or inline configuration. Manual, pneumatic or electropneumatic actuation and a wide variety of flanges are available. (read more)

MKS single-stage valves are designed to insure product quality, reliability and value.

  • Manual, pneumatic or electropneumatic actuation
  • Angle and Inline body styles
  • Port sizes from .75 to 6 inches
  • ISO-KF, ISO-Universal, and CF flanges, and weld stubs
  • 304 stainless steel body
  • Formed bellows of 321 stainless steel
  • Install in any position

MKS Single Stage Valves function reliably in applications ranging from semiconductor manufacturing to plasma physics research to nuclear accelerators.
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