Two-stage, Unheated, Vacuum Isolation Valves

photo - Two-stage, Unheated, Vacuum Isolation Valve

Achieve a soft pumpdown and vacuum system isolation with MKS Two-Stage Valves. They integrate a small bypass valve into the isolation valve, simplifying setup and reducing costs. With the integrated slow pumpdown feature, turbulent flow is diminished preventing contamination buildup and damage. (read more)

  • Soft pumpdown and isolation of vacuum systems
  • Adjustable conductance for variable pumpdown speed
  • Formed bellows for less particle trapping and longer cycle life
  • Angle and Inline body styles
  • Port diameters from 1-4 inches
  • ISO-KF, ISO-Universal and CF flanges, and weld stubs

Two-Stage Valves are best suited for high vacuum applications, specifically semiconductor or optical processing where a cleaner environment is needed.
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